A photo walk around Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent
Fenton: The town that Arnold Bennett 'forgot'


This section is a history walk around Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Discover Arnold Bennett's forgotten town.
As you take this virtual walk around Fenton you can imagine what this town was like in bygone days.
Cross over the Roman road, walk the paths of Berryhill which were taken by coal miners, potters and brick workers.
Stroll through the park and then walk around Fenton Vivien.

Discover the history behind the buildings and streets - discover the location of coal mines and pottery factories.


This walk follows a route suggested by Pauline & George Shufflebotham in their book 'Short Circular Historical Walks of the Six Towns'

Some of the background notes were supplied by Andrew Dobraszczyc.

The web pages and photographs are by Steve Birks during the walk (July 2000)

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| Street map of the walk around Fenton |


Photographs & locations on the map

1 Start the 'walk' at Fenton Town Hall
2 Christchurch
3 Old Lloyds Bank buildings & 'The Arcade' shops
4 Roman road crossroads & the Royal Oak pub
5 'Jack Ashley Court' and Rialto Pottery Works
6 Workshops for the blind
7 City Road shops
8 'Newton' and 'Terrace Inn' public houses
9 Emery Colours in Napier Street
10 The mineral railway crosses City Road
11 Fenton Manor
12 Fenton Manor Quarry
13 Fenton baths and leisure centre 
14 Sixth Form College
15 Victoria Road - Hewitts & Royal Doulton
16 Railway tunnel
17 Portmeirion factory shop
18 Railway cottage
19 Alfred Street and Morley Pottery
20 Fenton Park
21 Ancient walkway
22 Views of old Berryhill collieries
23 Mine spoil heaps and walkways
24 Fenton Cemetery 
25 Buckley Farm
26 Fenpark Methodist Church
27 Fenpark Road and the Park Works of the Rubian Art Pottery
28 Duke of Wellington and The Angel public houses
29 Coalport and the Minerva pottery works
30 Glebe Primary School
31 Views along King Street
32 British Legion club house
33 Houses at Victoria Square
34 Baker potworks and Glebedale Road 
34 Fenton House
35 Glebe Colliery 
36 Kelvedon House
37 Fenton Library
38 Magistrates Court


(the maps may take a few moments to load and will open up in another window)

Old maps show the location of old pottery works and coal mines.
Tramways and long lost buildings can be found.

The development of the area and laying out of streets and houses can also be traced.

1775 map of Lane Delph 
1878 OS map of Victoria Square area
1924 OS map of Victoria Square area
1878 OS map of Christ Church area
1924 OS map of Christ Church area


old postcards

Old postcards are an excellent way of comparing current locations with the way they look now.
 Fenton Town Hall
  High Street East (looking towards Longton)
  High Street East (looking towards Stoke) and Royal Oak pub
  Market Street
  Fenton Railway Station, Station Road, Heron Cross

people who influenced Fenton

William Baker
William Meath Baker

1st Feb 2003