Baltimore Works (Albion Works), Albion Street, Longton

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1796 1829 Weston and Partners Works of George Weston (and partners) probably located on this site from at least c.1799-1829. James Hull left a partnership with George, William and John Weston in 1796,which was probably operating from the same site. 
A Thomas Harley was also involved in the partnership but left in 1801; John Weston left in 1804. George and William Weston dissolved the partnership in 1815, leaving George Weston to continue the business, possibly with his son, until his bankruptcy in 1829.
c. 1831 1858 Allerton, Brough & Green Probable that by the 1830's the works was owned by Allerton, Brough& Green (and successive partnerships) of the adjacent Park Works (and other manufactories).
1880 Morley & Co. Partnership between William Morley and Alfred Wright Steels as earthenware manufacturers - which was dissolved in August 1880. William Morley continued the business.   
1882 Hancock & Morley
John Hancock and William Morley - this was a business decorating china and earthenware - in Albion Street, Longton  - trading as Hancock & Co. and eveidently was in business as the same time as William Morley's earthenware manufacturing business 
The partnership was dissolved in May 1882.
1880 1882 W Morley The business was continued by William Morley in connection with his business as earthenware manufacturer at the Baltimore Works. 
1880 1889 George & Thomas Day Originally in partnership with John Aidney as Aidney & Co. - this partnership was dissollved in 1879.
George & Thomas Day were recorded at the Albion works in 1880; from c.1882-1889 George Day was in sole charge of the business.
They were operating concurrently with other manufacturers at the works.
1882 1894 L Bentley & Co Lewis Bentley and Co. Manufacturing earthenware 
1882 1913? Thomas Heath Thomas Heath manufacturing earthenware and majolica.
Evidently shared the works with other manufacturers.
In the trade directories was originally recorded as 'Baltimore Works, Albion Street' and then from 1892 'Albion Works, High Street'  
1894 1898
at the Baltimore Works 
J. W. Beswick James Wright Beswick began earthenware manufacture in 1894 at the Baltimore Works, Longton. The business expanded rapidly and in 1898 took over the Gold Street Works (where they continued until 1969) which became firmly associated with the Beswick name producing the famous Beswick animals. 
1898 1901 Robinson & Jones   William Henry Robinson was in partnership with Frederick William Jones.
1901 1904 W H Robinson   
1904 ?? Robinson & Beresford  
?? 1912 Walton & Co  
1912 1921 J H Walton China manufacturer - this company recorded their factory as both 'Baltimore Works' and 'Albion Works'  
By 1950 the OS map shows that the factory had been rebuilt as 'Albion Works (electrical porcelain)' with previous lay-out still extant.
The Albion works are still (in 2014) in existence and three business's are in operation at the works: Royal Winton Pottery, Ceramic Gas Products Ltd and Taylor Tunnicliff Ltd. 



1847 map showing the location of the Baltimore Works on the corner of Albion Street and High Street
1847 map showing the location of the Baltimore Works on the corner of Albion Street and High Street
in the mid 1950's Albion Street was renamed Morpeth Street and High Street became Uttoxeter Road 


the same area in 2014 - St. James's Church can be seen to the right
the Baltimore works with the bottle kilns was demolished and 
a new factory 'Albion Pottery" was built with new gas fired kilns
what is now the Gladstone Pottery Museum can be seen in the top left

Google Maps

a modern (2014) view from the front side - St. James's Church is top left and 
the Gladstone Pottery Museum (blue circle) is bottom right
the location of the St. James's Place China Works is shown by the blue rectangle 
and the Baltimore Works (now rebuilt as the Albion Works) is the red oval 
the light blue line is Uttoxeter Road (previously High Street) and 
the purple line is Normacot Road 

Bing Maps 


Barker Bros Ltd Earthenware Factory, St James's Church and surrounding potteries, Longton, 1947 - Britain from Above
Barker Bros Ltd Earthenware Factory, St Jame's Church and surrounding potteries, 
Longton, 1947 - Britain from Above

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St. James's Church is just above the centre


 St. James's Place China Works is shown by the blue oval 
and the Baltimore Works (now the Albion Works) is the red oval 


Closer view of the St. James's Place China Works and the Baltimore Works

the group of pottery works closest to the camera includes the Duchess Works and Baker Bros
in the top left is the Daisy Bank marl hole

January 1890 advert in the Pottery Gazette for
Thomas Heath  - Baltimore Works, Albion Street, Longton



 Febuary 1892 advert in the Pottery Gazette for
L Bentley & Co  - Baltimore Works, Albion Street, Longton



December 1894 advert in the Pottery Gazette for
J.W. Beswick - Baltimore Works, Albion Street, Longton


Majolica and Earthenware Specialities. Leading Lines in Majolica Jugs. Gilt Jugs in all Decorations. Figures of all descriptions. Flower Pots and Pedestals in all Colours. Hanging Pots with or without Chains. Cheese Stands, Bread Trays, Spittoons, Green Glaze Plates and Comports, Hand-painted Vases in Newest Styles of Decoration, &c. &c. 

Special lines in china, jet and Rockingham
suitable for home and export

Prices sent on application


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