Index of Potworks in Stoke-on-Trent




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  • Pottery factories (Potworks or Manufactories) ranged from the sublime vast and purpose-built works with thousands of workers (such as those of Enoch Wood in Burslem and Josiah Wedgwood in Etruria); to back-street hovels with one or two workers.

  • Some potters built and owned their own works. Many others were tenants in works built by others and a succession of potters occupied the same works. It was also a common practice for a works to be split between two different pottery companies or for a larger manufacturer to let out a smaller section of his works to a potter who would make ware which was not of interest to the potworks owner.

  • All this adds to the happy confusion  when trying to trace details of a particular manufacturer (of which there have been over 2000).


  Brownhills Works
  Church Bank Works
  Greengates Pottery
  Highgate Pottery
  The Old Works
  Pinnox Works
  Phoenix Works
  Royal Albert Works
  Soho Pottery
  Victoria Works 
  Well Street Works


- includes Cobridge, Dale Hall, Middleport, Longport
  Abbey Pottery - Cobridge 
  Albert Street Pottery  
  Brick-house Works
  Central Pottery
  Chelsea Works
  Churchyard Works
  Dale Hall Works, Longport
  Globe Pottery - Cobridge  
  Hadderidge Pottery
  Ivy House Works
  Kiln Croft Works
  Lincoln Pottery
  New Bridge (or Bottom Bridge) Works, Longport
  Old Hill Pottery, The Hill Pottery, Hill Top Pottery
  Overhouse Works
  Portland Tile Works
  Royal Pottery
  Scotia Works  
  Sylvester Works
  Sytch Pottery
  Top Bridge Works, Longport
  Waterloo Pottery
  Villa Pottery  (Cobridge) 




- includes Shelton, Etruria
  Albion Works (Basford)
  Broad Street Works
  Brook Street Works
  Cannon Street Works
  Castlefield Pottery 
  Cauldon Place Works
  Charles Street Works 
  Clarence Street Works
  Cliffe Vale Works, Cliffe Vale, Shelton 
  Cobden Works, High Street
  Dresden Works, Tinkersclough
  Dresden Works, George Street 
  Eagle Pottery
  Eastwood Pottery
  Johnson Brothers - Imperial, Hanley & Trent Works
  Kensington Works, St. James Street
  Old Hall Works
  Pearl Pottery
  Phoenix and Bell Works
  Falcon Works - J H Weatherby  
  Hope Street Works of Dudson
  Nelson Pottery
  New Hall Works (Shelton)
  Norfolk Street Works  
  Swan Works, Elm Street
  Trent Pottery
  Trent Walk Pottery
  Upper Hanley Works
  Victoria Works
  Washington Works





  Big Works
  Cliff Bank Works
  Colonial Pottery
  Crescent Potteries
  Empire Works
  Glebe Street Works
  Lovatt and Hall Works
  Trent Potteries
  Vine Pottery




  Fenton Pottery  (Victoria Square)
  Minerva Works
  Opal China Works
  Sutherland Pottery 
  Victoria Works (Lane Delph)




- includes Lane End
  Adderley Green factory of Richards Tiles
  Albion Works, Albion Street/High Street also known as the Baltimore Works
  Alsager Pottery, Sutherland Road
  Anchor Works
  Baltimore Works, Albion Street/High Street also known as the Albion Works
  Carlisle Works
  Commerce Street Works
  Crown Pottery Stafford Street
  Crown Works, (later St. George Works) Stafford Street
  Edensor Works, Greendock Street
  Grafton Works, Marlborough Road
  Market Street Works (Cyples, Thomas Barlow)
  Park Works, High Street (Charles Allerton)
  Park Place Works (Roslyn)
  Palissy Works
  Phoenix Works - Thomas Forester
  Prince of Wales Pottery, Sutherland Road
  Regent Works
  St Gregory's Pottery
  Stafford Street Works
  Sutherland Road Works
  Viaduct Works
  Victoria Works
  Waterloo Works
  Wellington Works




Other locations
  Barlaston - Wedgwood Works
  Albion Works (Basford)
  Excelsior Works (Cliffe Vale)



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