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What was new in 2001?

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28th Dec 2001 photo walk around Cobridge added
28th Dec 2001 section on Cobridge pubs added
10th Dec 2001 section on estates added
7th Dec 2001 section on People added
3rd Dec 2001 Poverty and the workhouse in North Staffordshire 
1st Dec 2001 Section on Sir Smith Child of Newfield
13th Nov 2001 Section on Harrison & Son (Hanley) Ltd - added 
30th August 2001 Audio section added - child labour
30th August 2001 details of Cliff Bank Works and Lovatt - Hall Street works added
26th August 2001 Section on company letterheads added
25th August 2001 Section on 'Victoria Works' Longton added
12th August 2001 Sections on Minerva Works and Crown Staffordshire added
11th August 2001 Section added on Jonroth - the American importers 
5th August 2001 List of all streets renamed in the early 1950's
August 4th 2001 Extracts of trade directories and gazetteers grouped together by the towns and districts.
July 29th 2001 Walk around the Ash Hall Estate
July 6th 2001 Walk around Dresden, Longton 
July 1st 2001 Entry on Carey brothers, Anchor Works expanded
June 16th 2001 Transcription of description of Potteries towns from 1893 journal
June 10th 2001 Focus on Sir Oliver Lodge
June 7th 2001 Pigot & Co trade directory for the Potteries
May 12th 2001 Goldenhill: | Churches | Schools | Pubs
April 14th 2001 All about Stoke-on-Trent in 5 minutes
April 3rd 2001 Section on the Willow Pattern updated
March 17th 2001 section on identifying Wedgwood: "Confused about Wedgwood?"
March 12th 2001 Family history search section added 
March 7th 2001 update on Clarice Cliff and also A.J. Wilkinson
March 5th 2001 Section on Burslem Branch canal
February 28th 2001 Section on the City and towns coats of arms and crests
February 27th 2001 New section of aerial photos
February 24th 2001 history of the district of "Bank Top" 
February 18th 2001 Listed buildings in Burslem updated
February 9th 2001 Old black & white photos around Stoke-on-Trent
February 8th 2001 Section on subsidence in Stoke-on-Trent
January 29th 2001 Streets around Eastwood Road
January 27th 2001 Burslem's second Town Hall
January 22nd 2001 Wedgwood Factories
January 20th 2001 Listed buildings of Hanley Cemetery
January 17th 2001 Historic Walk around Shelton (Ridgway family)
January 6th 2001 Chetham family,     Commerce Street Pottery
January 1st 2001 New section on Peppers Garage