Search for the Old Roads of Stoke-on-Trent

also see "lost & forgotten roads of Stoke-on-Trent"


Fred Hughes

Steve Birks

Take a weekly walk with Fred Hughes and Steve Birks in search of some of the old or 'lost' roads of Stoke-on-Trent.

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1 Old Town Road Hanley
2 Bournes Bank Burslem

Moneto House, Ricardo Street


Bridle Path

5 Pall Mall Hanley
6 Paradise Street Tunstall
7 Ash Hall Estate Ash Hall
8 Etruria Road (Basford / Fowlea Bank) Basford
9 Normacot Road Longton
10 Grove Road, Heron Cross Fenton
11 Ford Hayes Farm & Hugh Bourne Bentilee

The Newcastle-under-Lyme Canals:-
12 Newcastle-under-Lyme canal Stoke
12 Newcastle Canal - part 2 Oakhill
13 Newcastle Canal - part 3 Newcastle
14 Newcastle Junction Canal Newcastle
15 Sir Nigel Gresley's Canal Newcastle
16 Dalehall Burslem

Hulton Abbey:-
17 Hulton Abbey Abbey Hulton
18 The Hulton monks & Sneyd Green Sneyd Green
19 The Hulton monks & Rushton Grange Sneyd Green

Cemeteries and Parks:-
20 Burslem Cemetery Burslem
21 Longton Cemetery Longton
22 Hanley Cemetery Hanley
23 Tunstall Cemetery Tunstall
24 Etruria Park Etruria
25 Queen's Gardens Newcastle
26 Fenton Park Fenton
27 Northwood Park Northwood

The Potteries Loop Line:-

28 Introduction to the loop line The Potteries
29 Kidsgrove on the loop line Kidsgrove
30 Goldenhill on the loop line Goldenhill
31 Pitts Hill on the loop line Pitts Hill
32 Tunstall on the loop line Tunstall
33 Burslem on the loop line Burslem
34 Cobridge on the loop line Cobridge
35 Hanley on the loop line Hanley
36 Etruria on the loop line Etruria

also see "lost & forgotten roads of Stoke-on-Trent"