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Write to Roam - exploring Stoke-on-Trent City Limits 
with Fred Hughes
interviews and articles by Fred Hughes - pictures by Steve Birks 
(unless otherwise noted)
[when reading these articles remember that areas may have been developed/demolished since the original article was written]



Week by week you will find stories by about roads, rail, the canals of Stoke-on-Trent -  and a variety of vists to all the North Staffordshire villages  - from Alstonfield, Cheadle, Draycott, Baldwin's Gate, Westlands etc.

Plus interviews with the Stafford family and Fitzherberts - the Cavanagh-Mainwarings of Whitmore, and many other well-known people and not so well known - some sadly gone but not forgotten.

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Blurton - hunting land for the Dukes of Sutherland 
Moddershall to me looks utterly timeless
Climbing to the top of Wetley Rocks is no easy task
Climbing to the top of Wetley Rocks is no easy task
Werrington starts to make sense: Armshead, Salters, Washerwall
Hard times they must have been in Etruria in those days 
Stoke-upon-Trent, is as it was, motionless
Mount Pleasant doesn’t fit as well today as it did 
Bagnall still retains a strong Elizabethan quintessence
Hanley got there first in size and quality
Norton - in the Labour fold
It’s an interesting town Kidsgrove filled with interesting people
Trent Vale, probably the most important place in Stoke-on-Trent
in the footsteps of Clarice Cliff
Chell Heath - that the frontier spirit lives on
Sneyd Green - if you go down the wrong street you’ll miss it
Caverswall - visit before the next Ice Age comes
Berryhill - the lungs of the Potteries
 Trentham - Okay so long as the cuckoos keep themselves to themselves
 ‘Smothern Rindabite’  - the Devil’s Islands
 Northwood - good night out with wine, women and song?
 Normacot - “I wouldn’t live anywhere else,”
 Milton - 'up enders' and 'down enders'
 Hartshill - 99% of us will visit
 Middleport - a place suffering from unfilled promises
 Bentilee - 'Sunshine Houses'
 Hanley Deep Lane & a lost Chartist
 Hanley Green - a bit of a shocker
 Longton is like a tureen of soup
 Fenton - the centre of the universe?
 Burslem lost its heart and Tunstall gained its soul 
 The fading village of Goldenhill