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04 December 2010 

City Limits - by Fred Hughes.  Week by week you will find stories by about roads, rail, the canals of Stoke-on-Trent -  and a variety of vists to all the North Staffordshire villages  - from Alstonfield, Cheadle, Draycott, Baldwin's Gate, Westlands etc.

Plus interviews with the Stafford family and Fitzherberts - the Cavanagh-Mainwarings of Whitmore, and many other well-known people and not so well known - some sadly gone but not forgotten.

27 November 2010 

Two lists of all the pottery companys operation in Stoke-on-Trent in 1907 and 1947.

1907 Staffordshire Sentinel 'Business Reference Guide to The Potteries, Newcastle & District'

1947 Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review Reference Book Directory

21 November 2010 

Focus on Wedgwood / Wood bible - containing historical accounts by Enoch Wood

The bible includes handwritten pages by Mr Wood and inscriptions relating to the Wedgwood family. The pieces written by Mr Wood describe how he was inspired to become a potter, who he hired at his pottery business and what he paid them and detailed descriptions of some of his most prized work.

7 November 2010 

Ian Pearsall - Local artist Ian Pearsall is creating a photographic archive of the existing architecturally significant buildings that are the heritage and legacy of the massive industries: Coal, Pottery and Steel, that placed Stoke-on-Trent on the World Map.

27 October 2010 

The Regeneration Game - "The grave of Bishop Bell (1883-1958) in Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford states in letters of austere limestone: "Without forgiveness there can be no regeneration."
Stoke-on-Trent needs to reconcile itself with its past before it can renew."

23 October 2010 

Spode on-line - As potters to the Royal Family and to the world, the creative genius of Josiah Spode, father and son, made an enormous impact on both Georgian society and the history of ceramics.  Their unique blend of innovation, technical expertise and entrepreneurial skill led to the two most significant achievements in English ceramics: underglaze blue printed earthenware and what soon became the standard English porcelain-bone china. This non-commercial site is the single most comprehensive source for Spode blue printed pottery available to visitors from around the world - and is free of charge.

14 October 2010 

The Wedgwood Institute, Burslem - one of the ten 'most threatened' buildings in England and Wales

8 September 2010 
'Victoriana' - The Potteries would not normally be viewed by scholars and experts as a ‘great’ Victorian city to rank alongside the likes of Manchester and London, but the Potteries boomed during the reign of Queen Victoria, ..... many magnificent and interesting buildings were built during the Victorian-era, and though we have lost a lot, many still remain. Indeed, Modern Stoke is primarily a product of the Victorians.

25 April 2010 

Memories of Don Barnes - "Pyenest Street, an unusual name, apparently named because magpies once nested there, was for a child of the time a wondrous street to grow up in. It was full of interest from one end to the other with always something going on."

30 March 2010 

Arnold Bennett 
New index page for Arnold Bennett.

Also section on the Locations and buildings refered to in Bennett's 'Five Towns' sort stories and novels. 
and the additions of a section giving details on Bennett's 'Five Towns' books.

30 March 2010 
The Story of Federation
The Federation of Stoke-on-Trent is a unique occurrence in the history of English local government in that it is the only occasion when several towns have been amalgamated into one county borough. The history starts in the early 19th century and ends with the formation of the county borough of Stoke-on-Trent in 1910. 

29 March 2010 
People who made The Potteries: 
Written by local historian Fred Hughes - a series of portraits of people who were key in the development in the city of Stoke-on-Trent.

23 March 2010 
Burslem Index Page 
To Burslem belongs the proud title of the "mother of the potteries." As early as the 17th century this town was noted above all others for the production of the best classes of pottery made in this country. Here, too, was born the greatest exponent of the potters' art whom the world has known - Josiah Wedgwood - who was born at Burslem in July, 1730

17 Jan 2010 
Bogey Dean
John Leneghan's poems about old Stoke on Trent and its old bottle necked chimneys coal mines steel works.

There is an exhibition of his poems on display in Hanley library from Saturday March 27th utill Saturday April 10th 2010.

6 Jan 2010 
'Symbols of Unity, Division and the Potteries' Heart of Darkness'
"31st March 2010 sees the centenary of the Federation of the Potteries’ Six Towns, .... It would be a great tribute to the event if the City Council could use the Federation’s centenary as the catalyst to kick-start the much needed regeneration of the city; I wait with bated breath."