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What was new in 2000?

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December 28th 2000 New section on "How it's made"
December 27th 2000 Section on Richards Tiles completed
December 6th 2000 Burslem Churches updates
December 5th 2000 Burslem pubs updated
November 20th 2000 Section on A B Jones (Grafton China) completed
November 19th 2000 Section started on Pottery Company Advertisments
November 17th 2000 Details of the Pearl Pottery and Brook Street Pottery added.
November 15th 2000 Feature on ceramic whistles added
November 13th 2000 'Memories' article by Ken Green added
November 12th 2000 Entry on F Winkle - Colonial Pottery updated
November 6th 2000 65 maps of the 1890's added
November 1st 2000 Streets of Shelton and Hanley updated
October 20th 2000 Listed Buildings updated
Sept 6th 2000 Entries on Alfred Meakin and William Oulsnam expanded
August 1st 2000 Postcards of all six towns added
July 31st 2000 All listed buildings at St. Peters Church - Stoke added
July 28th 2000 Photos on Glebe Street completed
July 20th 2000 Listed Buildings updated
July 12th 2000 'walk' around Penkhull and The Mount - home of Josiah Spode II
July 8th 2000 'walk' around Hartshill cemetery - reflects Victorian  social class divisions
July 5th 2000 Section added on the geography of Stoke-on-Trent
July 4th 2000 Biography of Thomas Twyford
June 28th 2000 Section started on Stoke-on-Trent Parks
June 27th 2000 Postcards of Stoke-on-Trent
June 25th 2000 Tour of Burgess and Leigh factory added
June 21st 2000 32 new buildings added to photos of listed buildings
June 12th 2000 Section started on Stoke-on-Trent Roads and Streets
June 6th 2000 Section started on Stoke-on-Trent Churches
June 1st 2000 Section started on Stoke-on-Trent Pubs & Inns
May 30th 2000 Section started on Stoke-on-Trent Schools
May 23rd 2000 Section on North Staffordshire mining started
April 22nd 2000 Section on the Canals and Waterways started.
March 25th 2000 Biography on Cockson added
March 25th 2000 Entry on Herculaneum pottery, Liverpool added
March 24th 2000 Walk around Wedgwood works and Etruria added
March 20th 2000 Complete update on Bodley
March 19th 2000 Complete update on S Fielding
March 17th 2000 Walk around Longport added
March 12th 2000 Biography on Susie Cooper added
March 11th 2000 New section started on Stoke-on-Trent industry.
March 11th 2000 Map index updated
March 9th 2000 Historic Walks around Stoke-on-Trent
March 5th 2000 Entry on New Hall works added
March 5th 2000 Entry on John Turner added
March 2nd 2000 Entry on Thomas Forester added
April 29th 2000 Entry on Roslyn China added
April 27th 2000 Entry on J H Weatherby added
April 25th 2000 Index for manufacturers ware added
April 25th 2000 Entry on W Baker expanded
April 24th 2000 Entry on Dudson expanded
April 19th 2000 updated
April 18th 2000 Entry on started
April 17th 2000 Entry on Sadler added
April 15th 2000 Section on added.
April 9th 2000 Examples of ware for T Hughes       S Hancock
April 5th 2000 Big update on Brownfield pottery
March 5th 2000 Six Towns section introduced
Feb 25th 2000 J Clementson entry updated
Feb 3rd 2000 A descriptive account of The Potteries (illustrated)
1893 advertising and trade journal.