A photo walk around Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent

Views from Glebe Colliery Spoil Heap




Views from Glebe Colliery

From the top of the grassed over coal spoil heap can be seen a good view of the surrounding are of Fenton and some of the locations we have 'walked' along:-

Pool Dole and the TV masts
Pool Dole and the TV masts to the top right with Buckley farm at the base of the masts  - to the left is the tower of Fenton Cemetery, the road along the bottom is King Street with the link road to the A50 dual carriageway.
more or less in the center is the Angel public house and to the left of the pub is the Coalport Works.
[Fenton Cemetery Chapel and Coalport Works have now been demolished]


In the centre of the picture is Fenton's Christchurch Church and to the right of that is the back of Fenton Town Hall. Just above the body of the church can be seen the flats along City Road.


On the other side we find Heron Cross - our walk didn't take us along this area. At the bottom can be seen the bottle kiln of Heron Pottery in Chilton Street. At the top is the roundabout and Blurton Road running to the north and left to right is the A50.