Stoke-on-Trent Potteries


A list of some of the trade names found on the bottom of 
Stoke-on-Trent [North Staffordshire] pottery ware.


Trade Name Pottery Company
Ambassador Ware Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Athlo Ware Price Bros (Burslem) Ltd
Atlas Grimwades
Balmoral China Redfern & Drakeford (Ltd)
Beryl Ware Wood & Sons
Bewley Pottery Bailey Potteries Ltd
Bone White Ironstone Barker Bros Ltd
Boronian Ware Cartwright & Edwards
Brentleigh Ware Howard Pottery Co
Burgess Ware Burgess Bros
Burcraft Burgess Bros
Calyx Ware W Adams (& Co)
Carlisleware Burgess Bros
Carlton China Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd)   c.1930
Carlton China
Carlton Ware
Wiltshaw & Robinson (Ltd)    [1890-1957]
Carlton Ware Ltd   
Chinine John Tams
Clarence Bone China CWS Ltd
Cleve Ware William Bennett
Corona Gater, Hall & Co
Coronation Ware W.T. Barlow & Son Ltd
Coronet Ware Parrott & Company
Court China William Lowe
Crescent George Jones
Crescent China George Jones
Crown Corona Gater, Hall & Co
Crown Devon S Fielding & Co (Ltd)
Crown Ducal A G Richardsons & Co Ltd
Crownford J H Weatherby & Sons
Crown Winsor Crown Winsor
Cyples Old Pottery J T Fell & Co
Decoro Canning Pottery Co
Decoro (Tuscan Decoro) Decoro Pottery Co
Devon Silverine S Fielding & Co (Ltd)
Devon Ware S Fielding & Co (Ltd)
Duchess A T Finney & Sons Ltd
Durability J H Weatherby & Sons
Elephant Brand John Tams
Ellgreave Wood & Sons
Embosa J T Fell & Co
Empire Ware Empire Porcelain Co
Empire Works Empire Porcelain Co
English Staffordshire J & G Meakin
Eusancos China E Hughes & Co
Everware Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Falcon Ware J H Weatherby & Sons
Falcon Ware Thomas Lawrence 
Falcona Ware J H Weatherby & Sons
Fenton China E Hughes & Co
Fentonia Ware A G Harley Jones
Grafton China A B Jones & Sons
Handcraft Ware Wood & Sons
Heathcote China H M Williamson & Sons
Kaolin Ware  Thomas Dimmock & Co 
Imperial Parisian Granite  Old Hall Earthenware Co Ltd
Imperial Porcelain Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Imperial Porcelain Vincent Pottery Co  
Imperial Porcelain William Hulme
Imperial White Granite Pinder, Bourne & Hope
Indian Ironstone J & G Alcock
Ironstone China J & G Meakin
Ironstone China Wood & Sons
Ivory Ware Wood & Sons
Jasmi James Smith
Kent China Taylor & Kent
Late Mayers Keeling & Co 
Leighton Bourne & Leigh
Lord Nelson Ware Elijah Cotton
LOSOL Keeling & Co 
Mattona Ware Price Bros (Burslem) Ltd
Melba Melba China Co. Ltd.
Melba Ware H A Wain & Sons
Meir China
Meir Ware 
Barker Bros Ltd
Metallised RH & SL Plant
Micratex W Adams (& Co)
Nankin Ware John Tams
Nelson Ware Elijah Cotton
Norville Ware Cartwright & Edwards
Novem Artem China H M Williamson & Sons
Old English Bone China Allerton & Sons 
Old Royal China
Old Royal Bone China
Sampson Smith
Opaque China Bridgwood & Clarke
Oriental Ironstone J & G Alcock
Paladin China E Hughes & Co
Paramount A G Harley Jones
Paris Ware Wood & Sons
Parisian Granite Thomas Elsmore & Son
Parisian Porcelain Henry Alcock
Pearl Ware Thomas Dimmock & Co 
Pearl Ware
Pearl Stone Ware
Pearl Pottery Co 
Pearl White Ironstone Cork & Edge
J Meir & Son
Phoenix China
Phoenix Ware
Thomas Forester & Sons (Ltd) 
Porcelain Opaque J Meir & Son
Charles Meigh
Porcelaine Royale W & E Corn
Porcelaine Royale Art Ware W & E Corn
Primrosa Ware Barker Bros Ltd
Princess Anne Shore & Coggins
Queen Anne Shore & Coggins
Queen's Ivory Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Regal Ware Regal Pottery Co
Regal Ware Albert G Richardson
Richardsons (Cobridge) Ltd
Ricardia Ware Richards Tiles 
Roddy Ware E. Roddy (& Co)
Roseate Porcelain  Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd) 
Roslyn Reid & Co     Roslyn China
Royal Bradwell Arthur Wood & Son
Royal China E Hughes & Co
Royal Crown Pottery Trentham Bone China Ltd
Royal Crownford J H Weatherby & Sons
Royal Grafton China A B Jones & Sons
Royal Harvey Gibson & Sons
Royal Ironstone Birks Bros & Seddon
Royal Ironstone China Alfred Meakin
Royal Ironstone China A J Wilkinson
Royal Ivory Ware Robinson & Leadbeater
Royal Leighton Ware Leighton Pottery Ltd
Royal Mayfair Chapmans Longton Ltd
Royal Standard Chapmans Longton Ltd
Royal Semi Porcelain Alfred Meakin
Royal Semi Porcelain Alfred Colley
Royal Staffordshire J & G Meakin
Royal Staffordshire Pottery  A J Wilkinson
Royal Stone China Francis Morley & Co
Royal Sydney Ware William Lowe
Royal Tudor Ware Barker Bros Ltd
Royal Tunstall Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Royal Tuscan RH & SL Plant
Royal Vale China H J Colclough
Royal Venton Ware John Steventon & Sons Ltd
Royal Winton Grimwades
Rubian Art Grimwades
Savoy China Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd) 
Saxon Stone Careys
Scotia Pottery Bodley
Semi China Clementson Bros
Semi China J & R Riley
Semi Porcelain Wood & Sons
Semi Royal Porcelain Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Shelton Ivory Empire Porcelain Co
Silvoe Art Ware  Gibson & Sons
SOL J & G Meakin
Solian SOHO Potteries   Simpsons (Potteries) Ltd
Standard China Chapmans Longton Ltd
Stoke Pottery J Plant  also Grimwades
Stone China George Jones 
Hicks & Meigh
Hicks, Meigh & Johnson
J Meir & Son

Maddock & Seddon
Stone Ware Thomas Dimmock & Co 
Studio Szeiler Studio Szeiler (Ltd)
Studio Ware J & G Meakin
SylvaC Shaw and Copestake
Tams Regent John Tams
Tams Ware John Tams
Tillson Ware Thomas Till & Son
Top-o-the-world products John Tams
Tuscan China RH & SL Plant
Tuscan Decoro Decoro Pottery Co
Vale China H J Colclough
Venton Ware John Steventon & Sons Ltd
Victorian Porcelain Robinson & Leadbeater
Vitresol J & G Meakin
Wacolware Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Wacol Imperial Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Wellington China J H Cope & Sons
Wetley China Sampson Smith
Willow / Willow Art Pottery Hewitt & Leadbeater
Wilton Ware A G Harley Jones

Windsor Art Ware 

Gibson & Sons
Windsor Bone China CWS Ltd