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A list of some of the trade names used by 
Stoke-on-Trent [North Staffordshire] Potters


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Trade Name Pottery Company
Abbey China Hewitt & Leadbeater
Adderley Ware Adderleys Ltd
Albion China J Dimmock & Co
Albion China Taylor & Kent Ltd
Aldwych China Bridgett & Bates
Aldwych China Beswick & Son
Alma Ware Thomas Cone Ltd
Almondpetal Ware W H Grindley & Co Ltd
Alpha Ware William Hulme (Burslem) Ltd
Alpha 27 Hotelware Grindley of Stoke
Alpine White Wood & Sons
Alsager China Hammersley & Co
Ambassador Ware Soho Pottery Ltd - Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Anchor China Sampson Bridgwood & Son Ltd
Arboretum Ware Thomas Forester & Sons Ltd
Arcadian China Arkinstall & Sons (Ltd)
Argyle China Broadhurst Bros (Burslem) Ltd
Astra Ware Minton, Hollins & Co
Athlo Ware Price Bros (Burslem) Ltd
Atlas Bone China Grimwades
Atlas China D Chapman & Sons
Atlas Heraldic China Taylor & Kent Ltd
Avon China Arkinstall & Sons (Ltd)
Avon Ware Avon Art Pottery Ltd
Azure W H Grindley & Co Ltd
Balmoral China Redfern & Drakeford (Ltd)
Baltimore China W H Robinson & Co
Batavia Ware Shorter & Son Ltd
Beryl Ware Wood & Sons
Belgrave China Blackhurst & Hulme
Bell China Shore & Coggins
Berkeley Ware Victoria Porcelain (Fenton) Ltd
Beryl Wood & Sons
Beryl Ware Wood & Sons
Beswick Ware John Beswick Ltd
Bewley Pottery Bailey Potteries Ltd
Bisto Bishop & Stonier Ltd
Bizarre Arthur J Wilkinson
Blairs China Blairs Ltd
Bleu de Roi Alfred Meakin
Blue Bell Ware The Longton Pottery Co Ltd
Blue Mist Colclough China Ltd
Bluestone Ware Winterton Pottery (Longton) Ltd
Bone White Ironstone Barker Bros Ltd
Boronian Ware Cartwright & Edwards
Bradley's Bradleys (Longton) Ltd
Bradleys Salisbury Crown China Co
Brentleigh Ware Howard Pottery Co
Bridgwood's China Sampson Bridgwood & Son Ltd
Britannia China Stubbs Bros
British Anchor British Anchor Pottery Co Ltd
British Crown Ware Lancaster & Sons (Ltd)
British Crown Ware Lancaster & Sandland Ltd
Broadway G M Creyke & Sons
Burgess Ware Burgess Bros
Burcraft Burgess Bros
Burleigh Ware Burgess & Leigh Ltd
Burlington John Shaw & Sons (Longton) Ltd
Burlington Art Pottery John Shaw & Sons (Longton) Ltd
Bursley Ware Wood & Sons
Calyx Ware W Adams (& Co)
Carlisleware Burgess Bros
Carlton China Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd)  c.1930
Carlton China
Carlton Ware
Wiltshaw & Robinson (Ltd)    [1890-1957]
Carlton Ware Ltd   
Carmen Ware J. A. Robinson & Sons
Cavour Ware Cavour Ware
Chameleon Ware George Clews & Co Ltd
Chanticleer Ware Soho Pottery Ltd - Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Chef Ware Paramount Pottery Ltd
China-White Barratt's of Staffordshire Ltd
Chinine John Tams
Clarence Bone China CWS Ltd
Cleve Ware William Bennett
Coopercraft Summerbank Pottery
Corona Gater, Hall & Co
Corona Barratt's of Staffordshire Ltd
Coronation Ware W.T. Barlow & Son Ltd
Coronet Ware Parrott & Company
Court China William Lowe
Crescent George Jones
Crescent China George Jones
Crown Chelsea China Thomas Morris
Crown Corona Gater, Hall & Co
Crown Corona Barratt's of Staffordshire Ltd
Crown Devon S Fielding & Co (Ltd)
Crown Ducal A G Richardsons & Co Ltd
Crown Royal Crown Royal
Crownford J H Weatherby & Sons
Crown Ford Ford & Sons Ltd
Crownford Ford & Sons Ltd
Crown Winsor Crown Winsor
Cyples Old Pottery J T Fell & Co
Decoro Canning Pottery Co
Decoro (Tuscan Decoro) Decoro Pottery Co
Delphatic Barratt's of Staffordshire Ltd
Delphine J H Middleton
Delphine Hudson & Middleton
Devon Silverine S Fielding & Co (Ltd)
Devon Ware S Fielding & Co (Ltd)
Dimond China Blyth Porcelain Co
Dorothy Dale Ford & Sons Ltd
Duchess Duchess China Co
Duchess Edwards & Brown
Duchess A T Finney & Sons Ltd
Durability J H Weatherby & Sons
Eggshell Bone China Salisbury Crown China Co
Elephant Brand John Tams
Ellgreave Wood & Sons
Elizabethan Taylor & Kent Ltd
Embassy Ware Kirklands
Embosa J T Fell & Co
Empire Ware Empire Porcelain Co
Empire Works Empire Porcelain Co
English Staffordshire J & G Meakin
Eusancos China E Hughes & Co
Everware Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Falcon Ware J H Weatherby & Sons
Falcon Ware Thomas Lawrence 
Falcona Ware J H Weatherby & Sons
Fenton China E Hughes & Co
Fentonia Ware A G Harley Jones
Florentine China Taylor & Kent Ltd
Florian Ware Macintyre & Co
Fondeville Fondeville
Fondeville Hall Bros (Longton) Ltd
Garden House Bancroft & Bennett
Grafton China A B Jones & Sons
Handcraft Ware Wood & Sons
Heathcote China H M Williamson & Sons
Imperial Parisian Granite  Old Hall Earthenware Co Ltd
Imperial Porcelain Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Imperial Porcelain Vincent Pottery Co  
Imperial Porcelain William Hulme
Imperial White Granite Pinder, Bourne & Hope
Indian Ironstone J & G Alcock
Ironstone China J & G Meakin
Ironstone China Wood & Sons
Ivory Ware Wood & Sons
Jasmi James Smith
Kaolin Ware  Thomas Dimmock & Co 
Kent China Taylor & Kent
Late Mayers Keeling & Co 
Leighton Bourne & Leigh
Lime House Studio Raymond Everill & Sons
Limoges Sampson Bridgwood & Son Ltd
Lord Nelson Ware Elijah Cotton
LOSOL Keeling & Co 
Lymes China Raymond Everill & Sons
Mattona Ware Price Bros (Burslem) Ltd
Melba Melba China Co. Ltd.
Melba Ware H A Wain & Sons
Melbar Ware Barlows (Longton) Ltd
Meir China
Meir Ware 
Barker Bros Ltd
Metallised RH & SL Plant
Micratex W Adams (& Co)
Milford Ware Ford & Sons Ltd
Moncrieff Ware Thomas Forester & Sons Ltd
Morfenix Ware Joseph Clementson
Nankin Ware John Tams
Nelson Ware Elijah Cotton
Newcraft Ware Ford & Sons Ltd
Norville Ware Cartwright & Edwards
Novem Artem China H M Williamson & Sons
Old English Bone China Allerton & Sons 
Old Royal China
Old Royal Bone China
Sampson Smith
Opaque China Bridgwood & Clarke
Oriental Ironstone J & G Alcock
Oriental Ivory Bishop & Stonier Ltd
Oxford Ware Ford & Sons Ltd
Paladin China E Hughes & Co
Pall Mall Ware F.W.R.
Paramount A G Harley Jones
Paris Ware Wood & Sons
Parisian Granite Thomas Elsmore & Son
Parisian Porcelain Henry Alcock
Pastelle Ware George Clews & Co Ltd
Patriotic China Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd) 
Pearl Ware Thomas Dimmock & Co 
Pearl Ware
Pearl Stone Ware
Pearl Pottery Co 
Pearl White Ironstone Cork & Edge
J Meir & Son
Persindo Porcelain Birks, Rawlins & Co
Phoenix China
Phoenix Ware
Thomas Forester & Sons (Ltd) 
Porcelain Opaque J Meir & Son
Porcelain Opaque Charles Meigh
Porcelain Opaque Sampson Bridgwood & Son Ltd
Porcelaine Royale W & E Corn
Porcelaine Royale Art Ware W & E Corn
Primrosa Ware Barker Bros Ltd
Princess Anne Shore & Coggins
Queen Anne Shore & Coggins
Queen's Blue Soho Pottery Ltd - Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Queen's Green Soho Pottery Ltd - Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Queen's Ivory Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Radnor Hall Bros (Longton) Ltd
Regal Ware Regal Pottery Co
Regal Ware Albert G Richardson
Richardsons (Cobridge) Ltd
Regency Barratt's of Staffordshire Ltd
The Regent China Thomas Morris
Ricardia Ware Richards Tiles 
Roddy Ware E. Roddy (& Co)
Roseate Porcelain  Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd) 
Roslyn Reid & Co     Roslyn China
Royal Adderley Adderley Floral China
Royal Bradwell Arthur Wood & Son
Royal China E Hughes & Co
Royal Crown Pottery Trentham Bone China Ltd
Royal Crownford J H Weatherby & Sons
Royal Grafton China A B Jones & Sons
Royal Harvey Gibson & Sons
Royal Ironstone Birks Bros & Seddon
Royal Ironstone China Alfred Meakin
Royal Ironstone China A J Wilkinson
Royal Ivory Ware Robinson & Leadbeater
Royal Leighton Ware Leighton Pottery Ltd
Royal Mayfair Chapmans Longton Ltd
Royal Mercian Porcelain Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd) 
Royal Prince Hall Bros (Longton) Ltd
Royal Standard Chapmans Longton Ltd
Royal Semi Porcelain Alfred Meakin
Royal Semi Porcelain Alfred Colley
Royal Stafford Bone China Thomas Poole
Royal Staffordshire J & G Meakin
Royal Staffordshire Pottery  A J Wilkinson
Royal Stone China Francis Morley & Co
Royal Swan Booths & Colclough
Royal Sydney Ware William Lowe
Royal Tudor Ware Barker Bros Ltd
Royal Tunstall Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Royal Tuscan RH & SL Plant
Royal Vale China H J Colclough
Royal Vale China Colclough China Ltd
Royal Venton Ware John Steventon & Sons Ltd
Royal Winton Grimwades
Royal York Bone China Salisbury Crown China Co
Royale Stratford Stratford Bone China Ltd
Royall & Lansan Lancaster & Sons (Ltd)
Rubian Art Grimwades
Salisbury China Salisbury Crown China Co
Sandford Ware Ford & Sons Ltd
Savoy China Birks, Rawlins & Co (Ltd) 
Saxon Stone Careys
Scotia Pottery Bodley
Semi China Clementson Bros
Semi China J & R Riley
Semi Porcelain Wood & Sons
Semi Royal Porcelain Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Shelton Ivory Empire Porcelain Co
Silvoe Art Ware  Gibson & Sons
SOL J & G Meakin
Solian SOHO Potteries -  Simpsons (Potteries) Ltd
Standard China Chapmans Longton Ltd
Stanley Charles Amison
Stoke Pottery J Plant  also Grimwades
Stone China George Jones 
Hicks & Meigh
Hicks, Meigh & Johnson
J Meir & Son

Maddock & Seddon
Stone Ware Thomas Dimmock & Co 
Strasbourg Ware Simpsons (Potters) Ltd
Studio Szeiler Studio Szeiler (Ltd)
Studio Ware J & G Meakin
Sutherland China William Hudson
Sutherland China Hudson & Middleton
SylvaC Shaw and Copestake
Tams Regent John Tams
Tams Ware John Tams
Tillson Ware Thomas Till & Son
Top-o-the-world products John Tams
Tuscan China RH & SL Plant
Tuscan Decoro Decoro Pottery Co
Unicorn Tableware ware produced by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons after 1980 - they took over Wedgwood & Co
Vale Colclough China Ltd
Vale China H J Colclough
Venton Ware John Steventon & Sons Ltd
Victorian Porcelain Robinson & Leadbeater
Vitrilan Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Vitresol J & G Meakin
Wacolware Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Wacol Imperial Wedgwood & Co (Ltd)
Wellington China J H Cope & Sons
Wetley China Sampson Smith
Willow / Willow Art Pottery Hewitt & Leadbeater
Wilton Ware A G Harley Jones

Windsor Art Ware 

Gibson & Sons
Windsor Bone China CWS Ltd


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